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ideal Creation is a full-service Website Design Company Durban based in the heart of Durban. We are the only agency who provides all types of Digital Services with the full access of our team. All our staff is having locally experienced and working with us since last 5 years and all are professional, honest and reliable. We follow the international standard when it comes to managing the projects. We use project management tools to communicate with our clients for the project progress and follow-ups. Our developers use the latest technology and frameworks to build the project. We are the best Web Design companies in Durban when it comes to UX & UI.

You know the drill: You go through the time-consuming and costly process of getting a web design durban and then, a few years later when it looks tired and your intern jokes that 1995 called and wants its homepage back, you go through the whole process again.

We think that’s terrible. That’s why we thought outside the box and came up with a radically different way of doing business. It’s simple:

We build you an incredible, cutting-edge, high-impact website. And then – if you choose ideal Creation retainer services – we keep it that way.

When you partner with ideal Creation for website design Durban and retainer services, you’ll never redesign again. Our team refreshes design elements, updates content, fights the ongoing SEO battle, manages your online advertising, makes functional improvements, and keeps your website up-to-date and running smoothly. Your site won’t look dated, be full of broken links and widgets, or drop in search engine rankings.

Award-winning Web Design Companies in Durban
Best Web Design Agencies in Durban

When it comes to website design Durban prices, and ecommerce website design Durban, our in-house web developers are sharp and smart! We work on all the frameworks and languages. We have worked with many platforms such as WordPress, Laravel, Code-Ignitor, Custom PHP, Site-core, .NET platforms, Magento, Shopify, etc. We are the only website design Durban north who give full access of our team to our clients where our client can sit with our developers to go through the progress  not to forget SEO Services for you designed website to be lucrative.

Your customers may be using different combinations of browsers, screen sizes, and devices to view your website. To ensure your website displays perfectly for all visitors, you need responsive design.

Responsive website design company johannesburg resizes website elements, based on the device or browser a website visitor is using. See it in action right now – click on the edge of your browser window and make the window smaller. Notice how our content shifts? Pretty neat, huh? ideal Creation can infuse your website with the same kind of magic.

Designing for Smartphone Users 

Smartphone users expect websites to be mobile-friendly, but too many sites fail to deliver that experience. With responsive web design Company Durban, we create dynamic navigation and column restructuring, and images that automatically resize or change placement for optimum display on any device or platform your site visitors are using. Because we build websites in wordpress, you can use the Sitefinity emulator tool to preview exactly how every page on your site will display on any device.

Don’t risk losing customers due to a problematic user interface. Let ideal Creation create a responsive design that exceeds customer expectations.

1. Identifying Main Goals:

The first stage is to determine the purpose of the site, the target audience, the main goals of the organization, its customers and competitors.

2. Project Scope:

After understanding the goals of the website, a Web Design Agency decides what qualities and components, the number of pages and content a website should include.

3. Sitemap and Wireframes:

The sitemap shows the overall site navigations and how the pages interrelate while the wireframe shows what elements each page would include.

4. Content Development:

Getting a structure of the website design in hand, the Web Design Agency Durban can now work on SEO-optimized content for the website.

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5. Design:

Now that we have gathered enough information of the website, the content, and structure, the visual elements of the website must be worked on as desired and mentioned by the client or even the Web Design south africa might suggest a more interactive design for better user experience. Style Tiles, mood boards, and Element Collages can add to the beauty of the design of the website.

7. Launch:

Now, this is the stage you’d be waiting for. After having multiple checks and reviewing the site, it is time to launch the website! You must think of the right time to launch it and the approaches to convey your website to the world. Finally, finish your work sparkling! even your e-commerce web design

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Website Design Durban and Hosting in Kwazulu Natal

If you are looking for Web Designers in Durbanville who can work with you on your project then Indeed you are at the right place! We have Web Designers Durban who can speak English & any language. All our designers are creative & smart and work on Photoshop, XD and Sketch.

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We understand that most of the agencies, they don’t have in-house Web Developers in south africa  and this actually frustrate the clients. We have our website hosting durban office who are always available for a face-to-face meeting with our clients.


We work closely with you to discover how you communicate your message & design solutions.


From the simple technologies, we have evolved to the use of more complex and rich platforms


One of the most vital ingredients in any marketing strategy today is the use of new media


From simple static micro-sites to highly functional and dynamic social media or e-commerce sites

Ecommerce Website Design Durban &
Web Development in Durban

Ideal Creation provides E-commerce Website solutions in South Africa. We have worked with several banks and payment providers so we understand how their systems work. We have used several online store technologies such as Magento, WordPress, Shopify and E-Commerce Platforms. We also know the laws when it comes to doing online E-Commerce Business. We can work with you closely to build a strong online store and can help you with digital marketing to increase your sales orders.

Our web design johannesburg are available to work with you closely to complete the projects. We have experienced Developers who have solid experience in coding. It’s difficult to find Website Design Company in Durban

since the majority of the companies developers.

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With web development companies durban, A frustrating user interface or complex navigation could cause website visitors to abandon their search for products or information. Make a good first impression with a website design that conveys your company’s message and allows prospects and customers to find what they’re looking for.

Your website also communicates your brand personality. Consistency, imagery, color schemes, and content work together to create an experience for your site visitors. People may be evaluating you based on the quality of your website. When it’s intuitive, inviting, engaging, and informative, they may be more likely to put faith in your brand.

At ideal Creation, our designers aren’t interested in one-size-fits-all solutions. They take the time to understand your business, your market, and your goals, and then design your site to reflect those values.

Create positive first impressions with a website design that attracts potential customers, informs current clients, and delivers your company’s message.

Good design is good business.

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We Ace the Art of Website Design Durban

We focus on quality, innovation and speed. Ideal Creation is a premium web design companies in Durban that provides elegant web development solutions. We are committed towards surpassing customers’ expectations by offering excellent and timely web design Durban based business solutions.