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Developed over 15 years of performing SEO Agency Durban, ideal Creation’s meticulous process has been instrumental in the success of many brands’ digital marketing strategies. Thanks to aggressive research and a focus on robust organic growth, we’ve been able to maintain Google compliance without incurring past, current or potentially future Google penalties. Our SEO process leaves no stone unturned, including the use of content marketing tools and best practices, to ensure you increase search rankings, ranging of best seo companies Durban,

create a better user experience and get more conversions – without the use of automated, cookie-cutter solutions.

PPC Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns belong to the so-called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Their main advantage is the ability to precisely target the Internet users.

Social Media Marketing

With our social media marketing service, your business can start building brand awareness, as well as generating revenue from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Web Development

Design and development of a website is not a problem for us – we are working with the large number of trusted partners to minimize development time online resources. Here you can choose the best price for a website development.

best seo company durban

SEO Durban has undergone many changes since it came into existence and has become much more urbane and sophisticated. Many a number of the new business owners, when try to execute durban seo company by their own may end up making common SEO mistakes that make their website fall. And also if you are in need of website designing in Durban and

SEO Durban | Best SEO Services in Durban and South Africa.

Have a look below and check are you making any of the common mistakes that are hindering your chances of ranking your websites.

  • Low-Quality Links
  • Stuffing Keywords
  • Not using anchor text
  • Un-Optimised Title Tags
  • Broken links or 404 page
  • No social media exposure
  • Low Quality and Copied Website Content
  • Complex or less user-centred website design
  • Optimising for Highly Competitive Keywords for a newly launched website

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Search Engine Optimization

Because we are a full service agency and Search Engine Optimisation Company Durban, the SEO services Durban, SEO Kwazulu Natal that we provide are perfectly integrated with other departments like e-Commerce, content marketing, social media and sponsored advertising. Google’s algorithm is complex and takes over 200 factors into consideration when ranking a site. That’s why it’s important to have integrated processes to guide execution of SEO campaigns across many channels that extend beyond Google to achieve the best results. Since Google looks at your overall digital footprint as a brand, our team does too! Every step of our SEO processes exist to support each ranking factor that we can identify, and in a prioritized sequence..


Providing proven, innovative strategies to help your brand dominate your industry’s search rankings.

We are proud to utilize technology we’ve developed in-house. Our platform is self-evolving and fully Google compliant. We are able to boost results among the most popular industry keyphrases thanks to the amalgamation of our innovative platform and the experienced SEO Durban professionals that implement its capabilities. Our technology is fully integrated with aggressive content marketing strategies to create organic success that will endure Google algorithm changes in the future.

Our full technology suite allows us to track everything that happens on your site from where your visitors are coming from, to the path they commonly take before they buy and how your site is being connected to other contextual sites on the World Wide Web. Using this technology we can help you keep your site safe from hacks, Google penalties and poor user experiences.

Before a customized SEO Kwazulu Natal strategy can be devised, your company’s current situation must be reviewed. Your audit will include a needs assessment based on:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Domain Authority
  • Popular Industry Keyword search ranking

By learning more about your business, we can gain a better understanding of your current and future needs. When conducting our audits we must look at all of your existing digital assets and analyze how they are being utilized. We do this to identify any low hanging fruit to help enhance your SEO company Durbanville substantially with minimal cost to you. Many times businesses have a lot of great content assets and SEO assets that can be fine-tuned to help our SEO services Durban north  take their organic optimization to the next level.

As mentioned above, our SEO specialists Durban also take a deep dive into our client’s competitors to understand the level of difficulty and investment required to achieve business goals. We’re able to analyze the websites of any relevant competitor, big or small and report back on the SEO “must haves” and the additional opportunities we see based on our knowledge of your target audiences. From there we are able to begin to design the best SEO Durban | Best SEO Services in Durban for your business in the strategy phase using all of the insights and data we collected.

Once we’ve established your needs, we can then begin to implement ideal Creation’s proven SEO formula for your success. Our meticulous SEO audit and exhaustive research will help us outline a strategy that will, once completed, be your company’s own unique roadmap to SEO success. Competitive analysis helps us close gaps that may exist between you and your competition within highly competitive keyphrases in your industry. Conversely, we’ll also work with you to establish dominance in relevant, low competition keywords. With our world-class proprietary technology and experienced professionals creating and executing this strategy, your company’s SEO goals are carried out by the very best in the business.

Our SEO company’s proprietary 4-in-1 audit and strategy combines the most important components required for dominating on search and will give you the detailed blueprint you need to make your SEO a success. We’ve been doing SEO  company in Durbanville for over 15 years and know what it takes to outrank competitors both locally and globally for our clients. The strategies we produce provide you with detailed keyword and topic reports, as well as guidelines for how to set up your website architecture to make sure your pages will be indexed in the right way to get picked up by search engines. Our strategy will identify all areas of strength and weakness while showing you how to revise everything to start generating traffic and leads for your business.

The most popular websites on the internet attract visitors with relevant and engaging content. The easiest way to achieve this is to diligently update your website with quality articles, infographics and even videos that your audience will rush to share with their network. With our experienced in-house Content Marketing team, we’ll create relevant and compelling content that is sharable, SEO-friendly and positions your brand as an authority in your industry. Your content will be distributed in a way that’s 100% Google compliant and empowers your audience to make informed decisions as consumers when it reaches them.

One powerful component of Rankings of Best SEO Companies in Durban

is the content networking that we do for you. While it’s critically important that the content on your own website is 100% optimized for search engines and for visitors to engage with, it is also important to create high-quality content that other sites want to publish or link to as well. Getting coverage on popular websites and blogs helps your Affordable Small Business SEO Services

. By giving publishers amazing content, they will be much more inclined to post it and link to your site. Digital PR has become a major source of SEO, traffic and leads over the last 5 years. We always optimize content both on-site and off-site to make sure your business and your brand is properly represented to new (relevant) audiences, while we build your rankings at the same time.

Depending on your needs, optimization could include any/all of the following:

  • Landing Page Creation
  • Calls to Action
  • Architectural Support

In this part of the process, our focus will be on creating the foundation your site will stand on to begin converting leads. The strategy implemented has, to this point, been geared towards boosting your search rankings – it’s here that your strategy initiates converting that additional traffic and moves people further along the customer journey.

When it comes to content optimization it’s important to consider sales messaging and what visitors will need to see when they arrive on your site to take the actions you want them to. It is vitally important that a visitor coming from search sees what they expected to on your pages. If they don’t find high quality content that they are interested in, they won’t stay long, and as a result, won’t be persuaded to buy from you.

Persuasive messaging is a key ingredient to make your Expert SEO Company Durban work for you. The more specific you can be with your keyword optimization, sales offers, calls to action and over-all text, the better your site will perform. The beauty of it is that, when your site is performing, Google simultaneously knows to increase your quality score (since your users are taking actions on your site) and as a result, sends even more traffic to you.

At our Durban SEO company, our process of optimization starts with targeting your messaging towards your ideal segments and revising it over time using a variety of test messages. We work with different headlines, images and phrasing until we get it just right on every single page. When your Affordable SEO Company in Durban, and sales messaging is working in unison, you have truly built something unstoppable that will make a tremendous impact on your revenue and even valuation as a business.

Our diligent monitoring of campaigns allows us to make adjustments where further gaps present themselves. Through our utilization of the latest analytics tools, we are able to interpret data to improve the quality of lead generation and, most importantly, conversion rates. Our meticulous process involves constantly developing new insights based on the traffic of you and your competitors. Solutions change along with your evolving needs.

At our SEO company we understand that it usually takes more than one customer touch point to make a sale. What do we mean by that? The average visitor needs to engage with a brand’s content 7 times before they “convert” and become a lead. That means we need to track and optimize elaborate funnels and paths to conversion and refine them.

Our refinement process can include everything from content optimization to full funnel optimization where we look at revising navigation, forms, offers and strategic follow up. With our analytics tools and tracking software we are able to identify all traffic sources, which of your visitors came and bounced, which ones came from Google, left, came back from Facebook, left, found you again on Google days later and finally made a purchase.

These complex data sets leave a lot for us to interpret and our SEO companies Durban is proud to work with some of the best data analysts in the SEO industry to pull out game-changing insights and transform campaigns. Not every business needs such an elaborate system for optimization, while for others, it is completely necessary and can prevent them from losing millions in missed opportunities.

We also work with a wide variety of tools and software platforms to help us better understand your current ranking situation, site-health score, citation flow and trust flow ratios, competitors and more. With Search Engine Optimisation Durban(SEO Durban), we are in the business of producing content that will satisfy your audience, but also satisfy technical parameters. It only makes sense that doing so requires in depth knowledge of data mining tools, scrapers and deep analytics.

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